Dubai transportation guide

Dubai is a city that never stops dreaming and turns those dreams into the most amazing futuristic projects. There’s no other place in the world where you can find the tallest building and fastest roller coaster on one place. This financial powerhouse with luxury lifestyle is becoming one of the most attractive travel destinations in the world. Dubai is not exactly a pedestrianized area, so you will need to use transport means to get from one place to understand. This guide will help you understand the public transport system in Dubai, how to organize your Dubai airport taxi transfer and how to navigate the city.

Arriving at Dubai airport

Dubai airport is the world’s number one hub for international traffic. The relatively short distance from the Dubai city centre (only 5 km) makes it easily accessible. The airport has three terminals serving national and international flights from all over the world. Passengers can navigate between the terminals using the free shuttle service. Dubai airport is well connected to the city as well as the nearby areas like Abu Dhabi via public transport and Dubai airport taxi.

One of the Dubai’s metro lines is connected to the Dubai airport. This is a fast and cost-effective Dubai airport transfer option, especially for solo travelers. The Red metro line runs from Al Rashidiya to Jebel Ali, with 29 stops on its route including the Dubai airport (Termina 1 and Terminal 3) and some of the most famous attractions in Dubai like Burj Khalifa, Mall of the Emirates, Emirates Tower, just to name a few. You will need to get a Nol card in order to use the metro and you need to be aware that there are limitations regarding luggage. Only one standard and one hand luggage are allowed. A cheaper public transport alternative is the Dubai airport bus transfer, but the journey takes longer.Dubai airport taxis are located at the taxi ranks and are a very comfortable airport transfer option. The taxi fare is slightly lower compared to the other big cities, so Dubai airport taxi is a very affordable and popular airport transfer alternative.

Dubai airport taxis are located at the taxi ranks and are a very comfortable airport transfer option. The taxi fare is slightly lower compared to the other big cities, so Dubai airport taxi is a really attractive and popular alternative. If you take a Dubai airport taxi at the taxi rank, the taxi fare is metered so it will depend on your destination. Also, additional charges apply for tolls. On the other hand, you can book a Dubai airport taxi online prior your trip. The price for the Dubai airport taxi is fixed and all inclusive. If you’re a group of 3-4 people, this is a more cost effective option than public transport. For larger groups, the Dubai taxi provider can arrange larger vehicles like vans, minibuses and buses.

Getting around the city

The public transport in Dubai is integrated and extensive. Upon arrival, you need to buy a Nol card which is rechargeable and valid for all public transport types. The Dubai metro has two lines: Red and Green. We discussed the Red line above, while the Green line is shorter, with 20 stops starting at Etisalat and finishing at Dubai Creek. The two lines intersect at two stations: Union Square and the Khalid bin Waleed (BurJuman) Centre, where the passengers can change between lines. Union Square Station is considered to be one of the biggest metro stations in the world.

The bus network is extensive with 79 lines operating in the city, but navigating the city by bus is slower than the other transport options. As we mentioned, you need to have a valid Nol card in order to use the buses, as payment to the driver is not allowed.

Dubai taxis are the most comfortable and fast way to get from one place to another. Due to the relatively low taxi fare compared to other cities, they are very popular. They have standardized taxi fare and charge by the meter. Dubai taxis can be found at the taxi ranks and you can pre-book your Dubai airport taxi online.

How to plan a trip with children

Planning a trip with children might not be the easiest task, yet it is something parents have to cope with when going on summer or winter holidays, for instance.

Parents start immediately thinking of the best hotels for children meaning that it should be safe, comfortable, with excellent 24/7 customer service, without loud music or any noise at night etc.

The best option in this not simple situation would be to opt for Marina Treasure Bay hotel and here are the reasons why.

The first and biggest advantage of this particular hotel is its location. It is in an amazingly beautiful Treasure Island near with local beach where children will have an opportunity to swim, play, build castes from sand etc. While parents will be enjoying sun-tanning and swimming. But if neither parents nor children have a desire to go to the beach they can simply rest by the hotel’s pool near with verandah enjoying the beautiful sceneries of the nature.

In the neighborhood there are lots of entertaining places for children, such as, for example, Saint Pete Beach, John’s Pass and boat rentals “Dolphin Marine”.

At night, when it is time for kids to sleep, nothing will bother them as the hotel is located in a calm and quiet area. In case, if parents wish to go to a café or some other place in the city center, they will have to walk about 10-15 minutes or they can easily order something delicious from the theme restaurant that offers a wide range of different cuisines.

Treasure Bay Hotel and Marina customer service will do everything for you and your children to make your staying comfortable and pleasant. In case of any difficult situation, you can always contact the customer service or concierge who will help you quickly, rightly and effectively.

Rooms are well-equipped with an access to Internet, LCD TVs, mini-kitchen with microwave and fridge, wardrobe, air-conditioners (for summer), heating systems (cold weather) and a nice view on the island.

The hotel’s main priority is to make everything possible to make your family’s staying unforgettable and full of positive emotions and memories. Therefore when travelling with children, consider visiting Treasure Bay Hotel and Marina and you will definitely not regret it but wish to come back more and more. Visit it once, and you will not want to go back home.

Tax Experts Sydney for Solution

Paying tax is really important for anyone especially who has worked as particular occupation. The profit from the work will be deducted for funding the country, and that is why it becomes more important. It is true that some people are not legible for paying tax. Because of that, some people just do not want to pay their tax. However, it actually is not recommended. In fact, there is possibility that the person actually owes particular amount of tax that should be paid. Finding out such information is tricky. It is actually recommended to refer to tax expert for knowing exactly what happens to this person. That way, s/he should not face problem because of avoiding paying tax. There are some ways for knowing the current condition of the tax situation. One of them is absolutely asking that to tax experts. In Australia, there are some agents offering such service for making tax payment more effective. They can provide anything needed by their clients for paying their tax return.

Before going further, it is important to know some clients that can get benefits from such service. The first client is absolutely companies. We all know that companies have tremendous amount of flowing profits. They have high income that is shared from several aspects. Every penny of it should be counted for tax counting. The percentage should be very accurate to make sure there is no excessive money that is paid towards the country. The reason is obviously for paying exactly what has been regulated. However, the process of counting the income is not that simple. Therefore, Accountants Sydney should be called for assisting these companies. Moreover, it should come to consideration that a company can save huge amount system of money if it does not spend the money just for paying tax. It is possible to merely rely on the bookkeeper for report. However, the expert absolutely works faster, cheaper, and more efficient.

This problematic issue tax returning goes more complicated to common people. People in Australia having no background knowledge about taxation will be confused when they are asked for giving tax return. They do not know exactly when to pay and how much they should pay for their debt to the country. This way, referring to tax expert is absolutely beneficial. There is no need to prepare everything that is told in the paper as there are so many requirements that should be fulfilled. The tax expert will just classify several things and make life easier. It is true that every person has his/her own business that is taxed. However, Accountants Sydney have prepared for that. They are able to give service equally to anyone depending on respective case. An appointment can directly made for hiring them, so tax return can be given accurately. In addition, for those who have paid tax regularly, it is possible for them to obtain refund once asking this professional service. Some people pay too much in a period of taxation, and the money actually can be returned as long as 3 years ago.

Sydney Accountants will work in an excellent way for providing people with good and dependable tax payment. As the currency goes up and down, the money that should be paid will be adjusted accordingly. There is no need to do personal calculation as it takes time and it reduces working efficiency drastically. The agent working with the tax will continue the calculation towards the accountant. The accountant, then, will file the complete report based on regulated law. This complicated process can be made simple by asking professionals to their job.

Dance The Mexican Way

Action speaks louder than words. For some who can’t brandish themselves verbally, they would rather use gestures to let others to know what they feel and convey. Dance is a part of Mexican life. It has influenced the people nowadays reaching no age limits but more also that it has been a product of their fancy cultural heritage. It is passed from one generation to the other making people, young and old, to take a part of it as their passion. When a man dances, every step shows what he feels. It makes himself free by investigating his own world. It is also a positive expression of one’s emotion. Generally, through dance is also one that makes the Mexican nation.

Dancing, to the Mexican people, is a link to their background and art. There are music and dances that represents Mexican background. Aside from mariachi music with musicians dressed like a charro costumes playing instruments in your usual hotels and resorts, tourist also visit to Mexico to explore much of their customs through their forms of dances. You could actually see it everywhere! Mexican streets attract every person through dancing performed by some talented Mexican dancers. Ballet has been influential all over the Latin countries but Mexico has still preserved some of its native dances that impressed most travelers across the globe. Like the Ballet Folclorico de Mexico which can only be located at Palacio de Bellas Artes. The stadium shows animated and stupendous performance of Mexican music and dance from all over the country.

The spanish presence in Mexico had influenced on Mexican native dance. Dances and costumes appear similar with that of Flamenco, the traditional Spanish dance. These dances usually are performed by small groups of men and women. The woman always dance slowly and modestly while men dance faster, doing a greater variety of steps but always holding themselves stiff. Mexican taste of Flamenco is the Huapangos, a name derived from the Aztec On top of wood. This danced on a platform. At one time, the huapangos were danced only by the higher classes. The Tlacolorerosis an interesting and unique agricultural dance. This is performed in the state of Guerrero. The name is derived from the Aztec Tlacolol, which means to prepare the land for cultivation. The dance represents the burning of the bushes and the cleaning of the corn-patch.

Another form of Mexican dance is the various Folklorico dances. Like mariachi music, these kind dances are and can only be located in Mexico. That’s why tourist have to visit the paradise instead if they really want to experience one. Folklorico dances represent the different geographical regions in Mexico from which they originate.
Who would dismiss the Mexican Hat dance. This would be the best way to represent Mexican background through dance. This courting dance became so popular that at one point it was declared National Folk dance of Mexico. It can be performed either by a couple or a group of couples. They flirt throughout the beginning of the dance. The man attempts to woo the woman with his zapateado (stamping and tapping) and his machismo. Finally, the man achieves in conquering the china, throwing his hat to the ground and kicking his leg over his partner’s head as she bends down to pick it up. The two do a triumphant march to a military tune called a Diana, and the dance ends with a romantic turn or the couple hiding their faces behind the man’s sombrero in a feigned kiss.

Theres a lot more about Mexico. I was even bewildered for I thought I already know a lot of things about this country. From beautiful tourist destinations to various cultural spots to learning about their fancy background and customs, Mexico has many things to offer!

The Evolution Of Destination Weddings

The days where couples would head to their local church, get married, and return to a village hall or someones house for a reception with homemade food seem to be a thing of the past.

Couples are now heading to exotic location such as the Caribbean, Hawaii or the Seychelles, as destination weddings become the latest trend.

Hundreds of companies are benefitting from the surge in bookings for weddings abroad, including travel agents, wedding planners, cruise lines and hotels and resorts.

Gary Sadler, the Vice-President of Sales for Unique Vacations, the worldwide representative of Sandals Resorts, explained: Personalisation and absolute flexibility is what couples want now; no cookie-cutter weddings.

He added that the destination wedding industry has evolved over the years and couples are expecting more on their special day.
If we offered weddings the way we did 30 years ago, wed be out of business, he said. When I started working at Sandals Ocho Rios in 1990, the bride and groom would get flowers, champagne and have their own homemade videos. That was the end of it.

Today, Sandals weddings include a wedding planner, a wedding butler, a two-tiered wedding cake, a professional photographer and videographer, flowers brought in from the area, champagne and hors doeuvres, the resort venue itself plus other features all of it personalised for each couple at each resort.

Sandals Resorts operates Caribbean resorts in St Lucia, Jamaica, Antigua and the Bahamas and the luxury all-inclusive properties are a favourite for romantic Caribbean weddings and honeymoons.

Cruise weddings are becoming increasingly popular and over the last ten years, cruise lines have developed marketing strategies to entice couples to book weddings at sea.

According to Mintel, a UK market research company, Carnival now carries out approximately 2,400 destination weddings a year; Royal Caribbean hosts 800 ceremonies and Norwegian Cruise Lines holds 300. The British company, Cunard, recently registered its ships in Bermuda so it could offer overseas weddings onboard its three ships and couples will be able to get married abroad on Queen Mary 2, Queen Elizabeth or Queen Victoria from April, 2012.

A recent Mintel survey reveals that people aged between 25 and 44 years are likely to have chosen a wedding abroad over a traditional ceremony at home. And many 18 – 34-year-olds would choose nuptials in exotic foreign wedding destinations when the time comes to get married.

Overseas nuptials are also becoming increasingly popular among the older brides and grooms and those who are getting married for a second time. These couples often look for a quieter and more intimate event.

The Best Gift My Wife Ever Gave Me

When you think about the best gift you received from a spouse, what comes to mind? For me, it is the Cartier Santos watch that my honey gave me on our recent wedding anniversary. True, this watch is extremely attractive but what makes it even more special is what my wife had to go through to get it. Though the story has some unpleasant parts to it, everything ended up fine and I thank goodness for that.

My wife, her mother, and her two sisters recently went on an all-inclusive vacation to Antigua. They organized this vacation for some much-needed rest and relaxation. My wifes mother was recently declared cancer-free and it was time for a celebration. My wife and her sisters had cared for their mother through her long battle with breast cancer and they were exhausted. Everyone was looking forward to some fun, sun, and adventure.

Not being the types to bask in the sun all day, the girls planned their itinerary prior to departure. This included a day spent snorkeling and scuba diving. The girls all had plenty of snorkeling experience but planned to take a resort diving course after arriving at their hotel. They could learn the basics right in the hotel pool and then explore in the shallow waters of the beach area the day before heading off on their excursion. During the lesson, everything went well and the ladies were prepared.

The next day, my wife was feeling a bit under the weather but she did not want to miss the fun. Since she had a slight fever, she opted to wear a short-sleeved wetsuit to prevent getting a chill even in the warm water. It turns out, she developed a severe rash by the time the diving boat returned to shore. To the hospital she went for treatment, which involved several hours in the emergency room and a course of medication.

On the way back, the girls stopped by the jewelry store at their resort, the Sandals Grande Antigua. There, my wife saw what would soon become my watch. Though she was still not feeling great, she asked the girls to stop in the store with her to learn more about the timepiece. What she found were a wide assortment of 100th anniversary Santos watches that were beautiful.

She told me that they had a difficult time making a selection. I find that hard to believe, with so many great choices. In the end, they selected the 100 carbon model with pink gold and diamonds. Though I never considered myself a diamond man, this watch is second to none. The 18-karat pink gold case features a plethora of round diamonds.

I think the offsetting of the diamonds with the rugged strap is what makes this watch so versatile. Mechanical movement, automatic winding, and 330-foot water resistance are just the icing on the cake. I love this watch but I love my wife even more for taking the time to think of me while she was on vacation and under the weather.

Kohjum Resort Krabi Seaview Teakwood Villas Hotel

Kohjum Resort, the beautiful resort at the Koh Jum(or Koh Pu),which is a small island in Krabi Thailand on the Andaman coast.Koh Jum is situated between Koh Lanta and Krabi town.The Island is still pure nature,like Koh Phi Phi.It is a quiet,little,as people are very nice and friendly.Kohjum Resort ,a private beachfront resort in Krabi,which is nestled amidst an atmosphere of natural tranquility.Our bungalows are located at the in very secluded and peaceful surrounding.You can enjoy the private long white sandy beach,crystal clear water under the blue sky.An ideal place for people who just want to relaxand get away from it all.Visit our resort and share a little piece of our island dream.We welcome everyone with a warm and friendly acquaintance.

Kohjum resort has 11 villas,Seaview Bamboo Cottages and Seaview Teakwood Villas ,each villa is situated on a hill with stunning views of the beautiful wide-angle every villa surrounded by beautiful trees in the local. All rooms are on the beach overlooking the beach panoramic ocean views and rooms nestled amongst lush,tropical gardens. Our villa is located in a quiet location and privacy. Bamboo Room is located on a hill facing to the sea. You can go to the beach by walk only 10 steps.

Kohjum Resort is situated right in the peachful place.You can enjoy the private long white sandy beach,crystal clear water under the blue sky. You will be enjoyed many activities all surround Kohjum resort ,and a range of organized by our resort to make your vacation a life long memory,for example walking and sun-worshipping, beach walking ,diving scuba or snorkeling trip on Phi Phi Island,Bamboo Island ,kayak, fishing ,swimming, Thai massage ,and travel-hopping to the town and the jungle by foot,motorbike,and bicycle.

Hotel Contact Detials : Tel +66 8 0221 4040, +66 8 6077 5788 Public relations by Hotelmarketingthailand

Hotel Leela Ventures Limited Company Profile And Swot Analysis

The profile contains a company overview, business description, financial ratios, competitor benchmarking data, SWOT analysis, key facts, key employees, as well as information on products and services.

This SWOT analysis and company profile is a crucial resource for industry executives and anyone looking to gain a better understanding of the company’s business. ‘Hotel Leela Ventures Limited: Company Profile and SWOT Analysis’ report utilizes a wide range of primary and secondary sources, which are analyzed and presented in a consistent and easily accessible format. WMI strictly follows a standardized research methodology to ensure high levels of data quality and these characteristics guarantee a unique report.

Examines and identifies key information and issues about ‘Hotel Leela Ventures Limited’ for business intelligence requirements Studies and presents the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities (growth potential) and threats (competition). Strategic and operational business information is objectively reported Provides analysis on financial ratios along with a competitor benchmarking section The profile also contains information on business operations, company history, major products and services, prospects, key employees

Reasons To Buy
Quickly enhance your understanding of the company Gain insight into the marketplace and a better understanding of internal and external factors which could impact the industry Recognize potential partnerships and suppliers Obtain yearly profitability figures

Key Highlights
Hotel Leela Venture Limited (HLVL) operates five star luxury resorts and business hotels in India. HLVL operates Leela Kempinski branded hotels and resorts in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Udaipur, Goa and Kovalam, and operates another hotel at Gurgaon under Management Contract. It also offers spa services at its hotel properties, which include European, Oriental and Ayurvedic philosophy therapies. The company has hotel and resort projects coming up in Agra, Hyderabad, Chennai and Pune. It also has marketing alliances with Kempinski Hotels and Preferred Hotel Group, and is also a part of Global Hotel Alliance – the alliance between the largest independent hotel brands worldwide. HLVL is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Table of Contents
1 Business Analysis
1.1 Company Overview
1.2 Business Description
1.3 Major Products and Services
2 Analysis of Key Performance Indicators
2.1 Five Year Snapshot: Overview of Financial and Operational Performance Indicators
2.2 Key Financial Performance Indicators
2.2.1 Revenue and Operating Profit
For more information kindly visit : Hotel Leela Ventures Limited: Company Profile and SWOT Analysis


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Real estate moguls like to impress people with inane demonstrations and descriptors. Theyll gush about the state-of-the-art kitchens (arent they all at this price point?) and request that you peer appreciatively at a scale model (when youve seen one plastic broccoli-floret-sized tree, youve seen them all). But it takes a very special developer to woo with chocolate chip Mickey Mouse pancakes with maraschino cherries for eyes and a pineapple spear for a smile.

I hope youre not diabetic, says Basri Emini, CEO of Emini Equities, shaking icing powder over Mickey.

Brawny, with thick dark hair, Basri Emini is standing over a hot grill at Ayia, his stylish condominium development in Punta Mita, Mexico, just north of Puerto Vallarta on the Pacific Coast. His kitchen helper, a Dutchman, hands me a mimosa, while faint Arabic music tinkles in the background.

Basri Emini, who is from Chicago and sounds like another Chicagoan, John Cusack; Im hay-pea here, says Basri Emini in a fit of glee after moving here in 2006 after being drawn by its beauty. I love Puerto Vallarta because its a real city. It has Spanish architecture and cobblestone streets. Its lively and the people are just amazing.

Indeed, there is a lot to see on the 40-minute drive from Puerto Vallarta International Airport. From the inside of a moving taxicab, the view is akin to the looping backdrop of a Hanna-Barbera cartoon. Peppered with seemingly endless palm trees under a hot sun the average temperature is 80 F there are the quintessentially Mexican food stands, and good people-watching. Hello, guy wielding tangle of birdcages with budgies! But it gets very still when we reach the gated community of Punta Mita, a stunning peninsula with azure water and colourful vegetation.

Thats precisely its charm, says Mr. Emini of the 1,500-acre low-density resort community surrounded on three sides by dramatic coves thanks to Banderas Bay (Mexicos largest natural bay and second largest in the world), the Pacific Ocean and Litigu Bay. It is isolated and quiet but thats the beauty. A lot of the people here already live hectic lives. These are their second and third homes. I always tell them to go to Vallarta or Sayulita [a swinging surf town eight miles away] if they want the scene.

Once a remote fishing village, Punta Mita was developed in 1999 by Dine (pronounced dee-nay), one of Mexicos largest real estate players. So far, Dine has invested more than US$150-million in its infrastructure, and at full build-out Punta Mita is expected to have a real estate value of some US$2-billion.

And whats a resort without luxury hotels? There are two, the Four Seasons and the St. Regis, and home buyers are permitted to traipse over to them, should they fancy a seaweed wrap in the spa, say, or a meal at one of the restaurants with beautiful vantage points and ambiance cue foamy waves, salt-licked air and orange-creamsicle sunsets.

The land mass and the security is whats great here, says Gary Pepin, the vice-president of sales at Punta Mita. Secondly, every person that owns property in Punta Mita belongs to the club. He then launches into the clubs extensive amenities the two Jack Nicklaus golf courses, 11 tennis courts (cradled in palm groves) and a newfangled fitness complex. Eventually, there will also be equestrian facilities.

The club has a $75,000 membership fee, which is totally refundable upon resale. In the world of golf, to belong to a club with so many amenities, one that is totally refundable without a transfer fee, $75,000 is ridiculously low, says Mr. Pepin.

As for digs, theres a variety of lavish sites to choose from, whether you prefer a condo, villa or a private home. Basri Eminis Ayia condos, for instance, which have all been built, are priced from US$500,000 to US$1.19-million (though theres one on the market now for US$450,000) with large terraces, an infinity pool and a furnishing package.

Im also told that average prices for Punta Mitas oceanfront homes are 30% to 35% less than similar luxury homes in high-end master-planned communities in Hawaii, Los Cabos, The Bahamas and Costa Rica.

You can go for the traditional Mexican-style villas with terracotta tile roofs and palapas (an open structure with a thatched roof), like those at the El Encanto site (see sidebar). Or choose a slick condo that emulates what youd find in Toronto.

The difference, of course, is that no matter how appealing Torontos condos are in terms of architecture or interior finishes, they cannot offer a cerulean blue ocean at your doorstep, year-round sunshine, nor majestic palm trees (with apologies to our squirrel-stuffed oaks and maples).

Punta Mita also has nine-and-a-half miles of sandy white beaches and offers chance encounters with exotic wildlife (a bird straight out of National Geographic popped in for a visit while I bobbed in an infinity pool). Punta Mita also shares the same latitude as the Hawaiian Islands. That means wearing short shorts year-round is an option.

For snowbirds just heading into winter, thats one hot selling feature.

Iris Benaroia was a guest of Punta Mita.

Resort Or Hotel Things To Know Before You Go

If you’re planning a trip, deciding on where to stay is usually one of the biggest concerns. Luckily, many popular vacation destinations have a wide variety of hotels and resorts to choose from but sometimes it’s hard deciding whether or not you should stay in a hotel or a resort. For example, Tucson hotels and resorts offer a lot of similar features and amenities. Most hotels offer complimentary services like breakfast, spa treatments and gift shops and are centrally located to a lot of popular attractions. Resorts on the other hand, are usually located somewhere a little more secluded to help you achieve that true “escape from reality” feeling that most people are after when going to a resort.

Tucson hotels and resorts both attract a large number of visitors each year because there is so much to do in this exciting city. Those that choose a Tucson hotel are usually more interested in going out in the city to see the sights and enjoy the attractions of the area. You can still find hotels that offer five-star treatment, but if you’re after a place to stay that includes the ultimate relaxation experience within its very walls, then a Tucson resort is probably more your style. At a Tucson resort you can usually still get out and see the sights if you wish, but there are so many opportunities and activities right inside the resort that you may never want to leave!

If you’re just planning a brief trip, then a Tucson hotel will probably suit you better than a Tucson resort, however if you’re planning a week- long trip and desire some true pampering, then a resort would be the better choice. Before deciding on Tucson hotels and resorts you should just figure out what kind of experience you’re going for. The hotel or resort that you choose can make or break your trip. Resorts are typically more expensive than hotels but you are also able to enjoy more amenities and activities right outside your door rather than having to travel around town looking for things to do. Hotels are located near more outside attractions and offer a convenient way to stay with easy access to attractions. Before booking a hotel or resort for your next vacation stay, ask yourself whether you want to stay in and relax on your vacation or get out and see the sights. That will make the decision between resorts and hotels quite simple!

The Importance Of Creative Visualization In Our Lifes

Creative visualization is a mental technique that uses the imagination to achieve our dreams and make them come true. Used in the correct way, creative visualization can increase happiness in our life and attract success and prosperity. Visualization about your different dreams and important things that you like, can attract the universal law of attraction to collaborate with you and make this possible for you. It is a power that can modify our environment, conditions and circumstances, cause events to happen or even attract money, possessions, work, people and love into our life. Creative visualization is the most important piece of every success using the power of the mind.

To make things happen, we have to add concentration and feelings to the creative visualization. This way we are getting the most powerful tool that can help you. A good imagination will generate a creative visualization.

The people’s mind usually generates negative pictures and thoughts from problems, frustrations, failures, limitations to death, destruction, failure, frustration and tragedies. This creates negative effects in our lives because we are not using it in our benefit. The visualization technique can not be used to hurt anyone without their control. The person that can visualize for you is only you and nobody else. With the use of creative visualization you can get positive images in your mind and turn around your thoughts that will lead you to a better life and bigger success.

Achieving your goals through creative visualization is not an easy step. It requires the person to be in the right position with the natural principles that govern the universe. The connection between our mind and the universal mind is the key to a success of a wish or a goal. The easiest way to achieve this position is to sit down in a comfortable chair and become completely relaxed. This way you are clearing your mind of negative and unwanted thoughts. From this point, you start to think about something you want, either seeing the image or the object in front of you or speak and feel about the image. It is very important to focus on what you want. Also, you should know that it is not enough to visualize about your goal only once or twice. It is important to make visualization a daily routine, making it a part of your life.

Here are some tips that can be used as a guideline for creative visualization:
– Define your goal, you should have true and real picture of what do you want or wish.
– Sit down in a quite place, all alone and try to relax as much as possible.
– Breathe in a similar intervals.
– Start to visualize the object or the image. You need strong imagination for this process using all your senses.
– Always use emotions while visualize for your goal. It is better way of attracting the universal mind.
– Visualize until everything become clear
– Try to clear your negative thoughts from your mind. Replace the bad thoughts during the day with positive one.
– At the end of the session, always say thanks to yourself and the universal energy.

Doing this steps will help you achieving your dreams. The everyday routine will make this steps easier to you. It is the best solution for your success.

Things To Do At Afandou Village During Rhodes Holidays

The Island of Rhodes is full of places that are attractive and fun filled and a number of tourists visit this place yearly. The basic reason for this increase in tourism is the way this island is developed. Afandou Village is located in the eastern-coast of Rhodes Island and is one of the best spots to spend your Rhodes Holidays.

Afandou Village:

Afandou Village is an amazing place to visit during your stay in Rhodes. This place was originated during the times when Mediterranean islands were infested by pirates. People used to hide there as this place was invisible from the sea. The word Afandou is derived from Afandos which means Invisible in Greek language.

Afandou Village is one of the oldest and largest villages on Rhodes Island and it lies five kilometres away from Faliraki. Like any other place in Rhodes, this village is also all natural beauty but at the same time you can find everything you need for a comfortable and enjoyable vacation. You can find different Rhodes holidays ideas that will make your vacation memorable in this beautiful village.

When visiting Afandou Village for Rhodes Holidays you will find the place full of olive trees and different fruits trees. The speciality of the village is its carpets that you can shop for. There are stores and shops of every kind. At the special tourists shops in the village, you can find great stuff and gifts to take home.

A traditional village of Rhodes:

The village of Afandou is one of the few traditional villages of Rhodes. During Rhodes holidays at Afandou village, you can find all the Rhodes cultural elements. The place provides you Greek hospitality during your vacations.
In the village of Afandou, there are modern apartments, hotels and studios where one can book a stay. In this traditional village, you can also find and discover many historical traditions in practice.

Great Food:

The best and true Greek cuisine is found here. Cooking has always been a very important part of Greek culture and because of the strong cultural values in the village; you can find some great food at its different bars, cafes, restaurants and taverns etc.

Relaxing Atmosphere:

Afandou village is best for you if you want a quite resort to stay during Rhodes Holidays. As compared to its neighbour tourist resort Faliraki, the atmosphere is much more relaxing. At the village square you can spend night and day, enjoy drinks and watch people passing by and still not get bored.


The beach of Afandou is one of the huge and popular beaches of Rhodes. It is about three kilometres long and looks beautiful because of its sparkling sands and crystal clear water. There are also some caves and rocks at the end of the shores.

Church of Our Lady:

In Afandou village, the Church Of Our Lady is a must visit place. Beautiful paintings from 17th Century are placed in the church. In summers traditional carnival and folklore exhibitions are organized here.


Throughout your Rhodes holidays, you can decide to take part in a number of activities in Afandou village. You can get pleasure from the water sports at the Afandou seashore. Golf fans will discover the place immense for playing golf. The matchless 18 holes golf court of Rhodes is situated at this point. Cycling and walking all the way through the countryside is a popular activity.

Splurge Staying At A Los Angeles Resort Or Hotel, For Business Travel With Tons Spa Treatments And A

Luxury Hotel Chateau Marmont

The Chateau Marmont luxury hotel has the finest travel stays for the connoisseur of high-class travel. Built in the 1930’s, this Hollywood gem is situated right above the famous Sunset Strip. Finely furnished with antiques and beautiful linens, this hotel is luxury at its finest. There are regular rooms, suites and bungalows and Spanish-style garden cottages for travelers to stay in and lounge. At the hotel, celebrities and regular guests frequently enjoy the famous Bar Marmont, with its beautiful views and surroundings. There is fine dinning on site as well as near by so you don’t have to go far. For business travelers there is a business center to meet professional’s needs, and there is a fitness center to help you keep in shape on your trip. There is a fee, but your pet can stay with you at this accommodating hotel. The beach is nearby for ocean goers and sunbathers, and there is also a heated outdoor pool for the enjoyment of guests.

Los Angeles Luxury Hotel Mondrian

The Los Angeles Luxury Hotel Mondrian takes on the glamour and fantasy of the beauty of nature. There is breathtaking architecture inside and out with glowing glass walls, an indoor-outdoor lobby, beautiful gardens and a grand sense of sophistication. The 237 rooms at the hotel are large for that home away from home feel, some with small kitchens and full sized bathrooms. The Aqua Bathhouse Spa located on-site at this hotel pampers guests with peaceful surroundings and treatments. There are large meeting halls with state-of-the-art business telecommunication equipment to conduct business meetings, or banquets are also held here. There is a wonderful Asian-Latino restaurant at the hotel, as well as a sushi bar and wine tasting. The ocean is only a half an hour away and there is an outdoor pool, surrounded by a teak deck at this marvelous hotel, for guests to enjoy. Personal trainers are available to guests at the 24 hours gym on-site for guests to stay fit on their vacation.

Luxury Hotel Ritz Carlton Marina Del Rey

When traveling high-class you can find the finest hotel stays at the Los Angeles luxury hotel Ritz-Carlton Marina Del Rey. They offer only the best amenities for the finest travel stay experience. Rooms have ocean views and sunbathers can enjoy the beach and play in the sand and surf. If you are traveling with children, cribs or child-sized beds can be put in your room upon request. Make sure to call ahead of your trip to reserve children’s beds if they are a necessity. The hotel has many fine activities to engage in such as a spa facility, a heated pool, jogging trails nearby, and tennis courts to play at. For fine dining look no further than the hotel itself, or there are many great restaurants in the vicinity. Pets are allowed at this fine hotel, but there is a fee. Exiting outings await guest that are near the hotel, like hot air balloon rides, horseback riding, offshore ocean fishing, jet skiing, or just enjoying the beautiful nature or the city.

Sunset Marquis Los Angeles Luxury Hotel and Villas

Mediterranean class and style is what the luxury hotel Sunset Marquis and Villas is all about. The hotel is newly remodeled and has very large accommodating rooms with some suites that connect for bigger parties. Some rooms come with kitchens and dinning areas for longer stays, and some rooms also are fully equipped with the latest electronic devices, and balconies. The restaurant on-site serves California style food and has a full bar. There is a weight room at the hotel and also a full gym across the street, for the more intense workout, which offers a day pass for guests of the hotel at no charge. Private cabanas line two heated swimming pools, one indoor and one out, for guests to bathe and swim in. The Sunset Strip, famous for some of the best shopping around, is conveniently located very close to the hotel so guests can indulge in a grand shopping experience during their stay.

Luxury Spa Hotel – Spa Resort Questions

At spa resorts, the whole environment is geared towards fitness, healthy eating, relaxation and refreshment. But destination spas come in a variety of prices and personalities, which means you must really think about what you want to get out of it before you go.It is important to consider what you are interested in concerning amenities, special programming, facilites, and price.Here are several fantastic questions to take into account while you are picking a spa hotel

* Is there a certain desire or target like reducing your weight, detoxing, or revving up your fitness regime? Do you wish to go on yoga getaway, learn to meditate, spend a lot of time hiking, or maybe spend time with a friend and get some relaxing spa treatments? Thinking of what you look for will assist you to narrow down the best destination spa for you.

* Would you like to be in town or in the country? Photos can be misleading. Figure out exactly where the destination spa is situated.

* How essential is a high quality room? Some destination spas have standard rooms, on the theory that no one is going to be chilling out there much.

* Are you interested in an outdoors experience, with hiking and climbing?

* How important is the informative aspect? Find out how many classes they have and what the qualifications of the speaker are.

* Are you wanting an intimate atmosphere where it’s not hard to meet people or is a larger setting acceptable? * How long would you like to stay at the destination spa? The minimum stay can vary from 2 nights to a week.

* Have you got a medical issue you would like to address?

* Are you wanting a restricted calorie environment or all you can eat? Would you like alcoholic beverages or caffeine? Not every destination spa serves them. Find out their policy before going.

* How important is a high quality spa facility? Cheaper destination spas could be somewhat basic. Make sure you find out if spa treatments like massage, facials and body treatment therapy is within the offer. You could also want more treatments than the offer provides.

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Buy To Let Hotel Rooms Boom As Investors Seek Safer Returns

The tough economic climate is forcing many small investors to consider non-traditional property investments as safer bets when compared to their existing buy to let and renovation projects.

Under normal circumstances the phrase ‘non-traditional investment’ would not be associated with playing it safe, but the investment market at present is far from ‘normal’. The uncertainty in the financial markets and the collapse of both property prices and mortgage lending, have hit property investors hard. For those investors looking for a good place to park their retirement funds, safety and diversification are key factors.

The idea that you can buy hotel rooms might seem like a strange concept but its growing appeal is down to these very same motivators. Experienced hotel and resort development companies invite individual investors to buy hotel rooms within high-end hotel developments. Investors that buy hotel rooms benefit from both capital appreciation and a regular income from hotel rooms let.

Buy to let properties have always offered savvy investors a keen return, but as mortgage rates climb faster than rents can go up, many have been left out of pocket. Moreover any time the property stands empty means hefty monthly mortgage repayments and no income.

Buy to let hotel rooms offset these risks by basing the investors’ income on the performance of the hotel as a whole, not their individual suite, and so provide a regular income level. Even at 50% capacity this can often be enough to provide a healthy return for investors who buy hotel rooms.

Of course, having all your eggs in one investment basket is still a risky move, which is one of the reasons why buying hotel rooms is often viewed as a way to diversify an existing portfolio. Buying a hotel room is much more of an investment in tourism than a straight property play.

It’s a fact that particularly appeals to those planning for retirement as, provided you don’t need the free stays on offer, you can even buy hotel rooms via your self-invested personal pension (SIPP) scheme.

Case in point, a recent development in the upmarket tourist town of Sesimbra is offering freehold luxury suites on a buy to let basis.

Keen to attract secure investments the developer is also offering to cover all closing costs and paying cash back to early investors.

Of course, for those not buying via a SIPP, investors also get the perk of free stays in the hotel as well – a little bit of luxury to part the dreary economic clouds.

Keep A House Cleaning Schedule

A house cleaning schedule is your first step towards an effortless cleaning of your home. Although each person has his or her own idea as to what a house cleaning schedule should be like, it is generally agreed that a systematic and coordinated approach will produce the best results.
There have been much advice from various professionals as to how a house cleaning exercise should go about but it will be best if you keep to your own ways of doing things. Decide which plan works best for you and keep to it. After all, not all homes have the same architecture, so obviously cleaning will differ from home to home.
The first step is to decide on what needs to be done. Begin with the most difficult and complex job and progress to the less mundane ones. This way, you would have expended the much needed energy on the big jobs and by the time you get tired, it is only left with the small jobs to be done. Another reason why you should begin with the big job is that, in the event that something happens or you get tired, then someone will be more wiling to assist because they will not have much left to do.
Group your activities into manageable parts. For example you can put your cleaning activities into three categories: washing, wiping or dusting. This way, you can do all the activities that involve washing from room to room and then go to the ones that need wiping. Keeping this kind of schedule will enable you to work faster and comfortably.
Remember: Don’t forget the outside of your house. Many people think that cleaning only happens on the inside of your house. But the folks at Sound Renovation LLC always remind homeowners that their roof, gutters, siding, and windows should be cleaned at least once per year to maintain the exterior of your home. Failure to clean the outside of your home can result in the growth of mold and algae that eats away at your home’s exterior, reducing the lifespan of not only your roof and siding but also the inside of your home, should leaks develop. So, don’t neglect some exterior cleaning during your next bout of cleaning.
Keep your schedule flexible so that should there be any change of plan, the schedule will be able to accommodate it easily. Keeping a household cleaning schedule is your surest way to accomplish more in less time when it comes to giving your home a new look.

Incompetent State managers Charles Boatman and Tom Shetka

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For more unsettled account with elder abuse perpetrator, licensing and cover up with Gloria Merk, Bob Hing, Charles Boatman, Audrey Jeung, Susanne Roman Clark, Carol Macroft, retired Tom Shekta, Alan Elner, Saundra Munt, retired Mary James, Mary Jolls, Gary L. Palmers, Deputy Director – Jeffrey Hiratsuka. 916-657-2346 916-657-3783 and Will Lightbourne go to website >

Incompetent state employee’s retaliation, abuse of power to elderly I am reaching out to seek help from anyone who care to stop these suppressions from government agency call Department of Social Service Community Care Licensing, Licensing and Certification. These happened over a period of time since 2007 and until today. I complained and complained. Complaint letter ended up on the perpetrators’ desk. I went to see them. The problem escalated and got worse. Today, ,March 21, 2011, is another big setback to me. My heart dropped to the bottom of the ocean. I am completely exhausted and depress and completely paralyzed due to major depression as caused by conspiracy, retaliation and suppression from DSS, CCL, L and C. Can a policeman and the judge abuse their power given by the public and pay by the public to search and arrest their protected public for the sole purpose of retaliation (speaking up), suppression (shutting me up), conspiracy (abusing their power). Do these public employees from the State get punish for wrong doing? Retaliation do get stop by someone. On March 21, 2011, at 10:30 am, this is the date and time he set for calling me because I called him on last Wed, Thursday, and Friday, because I wanted to know the result of his decision, and does that really fit into my assumption that licensing came down every time under his direct, including the house search of my alert and oriented elderly residents’ and care givers personal belonging in their own rooms. On March 21, 2011, Boatman called me and said that your application was denied, I couldn’t give it to you. I asked Boatman for the reason and he said that because I was not in compliance with my care home. I told Boatman that I was expecting him to say that to confirmed my suspicion that Community Care Licensing came to my care home and gave us a 22640 dollars plus fine on my care home on March 18, 2011 which is 7-10 days I would talk to Boatman again but he keep putting it off on Monday. I wanted Boatman told me in his own word and I wanted to hear from him. On March 21, 2011, Boatman called me and said that your application was denied, I couldn’t give vendor approval to you. I asked Boatman for the reason and he said that because I was not in compliance with my care home.

I told Boatman that I was expecting him to say that to confirmed my suspicion that Community Care Licensing came to my care home and gave us a 30 thousand dollars plus fine on my care home on March 18, 2011 which is 7-10 days I would talk to Boatman again but he keep putting it off on Monday. I wanted Boatman told me in his own word and I wanted to hear from him.

I asked him to send me his denial letter as soon as possible so that I can get closure and move on with life and decision what to do from here.

As of today April 8, 2011, I have not received any letter from Boatman. I have check my school site every day for his mail. Last time, he sent me a denial letter in Dec 2010. I went to the post office for the registered mail and it was someone else denial letter he sent me. A serious breach of confidentiality.

Last June 30 licensing came to raid my care home to do a narcotic search to my elderly residents was 7 days that Boatman said that he would talked to me again. The whole scenario got repeated. Prior to this Licensing had not been in my facility for 2 years and we had no fine for the past year. In the November 2010 meeting with Susanne -Roman Clark, She complained that CCL had 4 counties to inspect. As you could see what happen here. Last 3 ways conversation with Charles Boatman and retired Tom Shetka who misleaded me to believe that he was representing Californian Dept of Social Service, He hung up and threatened me that I would be called to the ALJ Administrative Law Judge which had never happened. I called Boatman to follow up with the ALJ meeting because nothing happened for a very long time. Then, Boatman suggested that he will have new analyst, Alan Elner, who seems to be very kind to read my application. I was so naive to believe that I could still get the vendor status after struggling for all these years with DSS CCL. In our last 3 conversation with Tom Shetka and Boatman, after suddenly without announcing what they were doing, we got reconnected after Tom and Charles discussed without me, to make me an offer to refund my application fee and don’t ever apply again. I refused. I told them. It is not the money that I have already paid and cashed by the dept long time ago. It was about the amount of work I put in, the sleepless hours, hard work, the hope I put in this work. I want to be read fairly. Then the result of that conversation was to take to the ALJ which never happened as I follow up. Boatman told me Alan Elner will read my application. I worked with Elner for a long time because he wanted the slides rearranged, he wanted this and he wanted that. I do everything for what he wants. He finally told me that it is on Boatman desk now for approval. Audrey Jeung from San Bruno licensing came and gave me a huge fine. And I called Boatman for his decision. He deferred the decision until Monday March 21, 2011 at 10:30am and told me -no- When I heard what he said, I was choked with my tear but I have to hear it from him to confirm. All of them, Audrey Jeung. Charles boatman, Susanne roman Clark and Alan Elner all have their as their office e-mail address. I called Elner, he said that he got nothing to do with Boatman decision, he was only one to decide not him, Elner call Boatman – Charles-. He said that he couldn’t understand me because I use too many pronounce. He was playing good guy, elner to get me to revised on my application and give me false hope, and Boatman was doing the bad guy to get rid of me. Community Care Licensing came to inspect my care home and gave me a fine for taking care of elderly for 30 thousand dollars and a fine of 150 dollars a day. According to title 22, It stated that if residents were injured, harm or there was a death in my facility and is avoidable, the facility would be fine for 150 dollars a day. There was no one fell in my facility, no one got hurt and no one ever die during the whole time I open for business in E. Hillsdale Rose Garden. My facility record on the community care licensing record was I will fax you ombudsman report to substantiate that. It is a fact. My facility had never been put on probation since the 6 years that we are in operation and even now I am still on their website record. You will be the judge to this but you must read from my journal since 2007. I lose my own home for 40 years to foreclosure and tried to keep this care home opened. Now,. Susanne Roman Clark signed letter stated that she will sue me in small claim, do a wage reduction, and report me to IRS extra for their fine. As I told her in our last meeting November 2010, money you take away from me is money you taking away from these elderly residents. I asked her where did these fine money goes, she never responded to me in this question. I will closed this care home after talked to Susanne Roman Clark from Community Care Licensing several time on the following Monday after Audrey Jeung came to issue a 22460 dollars fine to me Her response was that it was you who said you were going to close it.- Yes, I have to pay 6 low pay elderly residents who have been in the facility for 6 years in a different care home, not of their choice and going through a transfer trauma. My employee would have to find another place to live and lost her job.

Right now I am completely depressed, exhausted and paralyzed by being punished b y these people. What is justice and what is America democracy. What I have done to the elderly? I treated them like my family member for the last 6 years and what the dept DSS CCL L&C had done to the care home, esp me they targeted on for retaliation. In 2007, I applied for vendor to teach administrator class to DSS certification and licensing dept. Denied by the department, fee confiscated and I was sued by the State of California and administrator status put on hold indefinitely because of the lawsuit. No one remembered that there was a hold on my administrator status due to the lawsuit. This is a hole in the department system. I actually help the dept to resolve this indefinite hold. I went to renew my administrator status because I have my business to run. I did everything right to renew; CEU completed, send in fee on time. Fee was cashed by the CCL certification and licensing dept but never get a certificate to show that my status was renewed. I kept calling the dept, no one could tell me what happened. The answer was -Your name is not there. You are not on the record.- Boatman, dept manager after I submitted all my evident and his investigation said that he would send me the certificate. I waited 3 more months but nothing came. I followed up and called to remind him. He didn’t remember a thing of what was promised to send me. Asked me to re-send every proofs and documents for an investigation, another investigation just completed 3 months ago. He couldn’t remember what was done and said. Fortunately, I kept good record of my documents and cashed check retrieved from bank. His supervisor Shekta called to talk to me, we argued, he insisted on me paying the late fee. I was never late on paying the fee. It was the Dept who put an indefinite hold on my record while I was threatened to be sued by the Dept. I was sued and treated like a criminal because I want to teach a course and was denied by the dept. During those 2 years, I have to hire someone to work as an administrator to run the business for me. When I eventually got re-instated, there was never an empathetic sorry from anyone in the dept. When I followed up from time to time to the dept, Mr. B would tell me that he was consulting a second lawyer from the State Dept. I told myself, who represent me as a tax payer when he was consulting 2 State lawyers on a simple matter over a long time that they are at fault, they tried but couldn’t evade the responsibility. Clearly, if I didn’t follow up on this, no one knew what happened back in 2007 and no one cared. My administrator hold status will never be lifted. After 2 years, my administrator status has just been re-instated. I wanted to apply for vendor again. Submitted all application for elderly, adult and group home both initial and continue education and online CEU in 9 categories. All fee for each categories were paid and they collected and cashed out by the dept. All material to be reviewed had been sent. Mr Boatman called me and persuaded me to withdraw. He said that I am not qualified. (I have a different opinion on that. I believed that I am qualified per the dept published requirement). I remembered, Boatman called me the date after our 3 ways conference to make sure that I met the deadline he set for me. That is by the end of the day to send him an e-mail to withdraw from the application. He never told me that he would take my fee. I spent a lot of time to prepare and design and write up the curriculum and lesson plan. It is harder for me to put in an entire curriculum together than to have someone just read and comment on it, especially if they have been doing it for a living and for many years. I have already done all the work. I have everything to lose, if I didn’t follow through, however, for them. By persuading me to withdraw, they took the fee for having to do nothing in return. I did withdraw the Adult Residential Home (ARF) and Group Home (GH), so that they can facilitate the review process on just Resident Care Facility for the Eldery (RCFE). It didn’t happen that way. I got arf and gh applications return un-touched and a letter that tells me, I needed to re-submit the fee if I would apply again. Why did they remind me that because I just persuaded by Mr. B to withdraw. He should advise me before I made the decision. He is not in a position to persuade me to withdraw and the decision should be on me and only if Mr. B would disclose the fact and condition as explain in this letter. I felt that I have been trick to make a wrong decision. They have confiscated my fee. This was what happened in 2007. The dept took the consideration, my fee, but not performing their duties, they cashed the fee I submitted but not sending me the administrator certificate. I have to wait months to get my rcfe application back after calling them to follow up many times. Please check on Ms. Munt’s work attendant. She always has out of office auto e-mail response. Sometimes, even she stated that she would return on this day in the e-mail, but her voice mail would have a recording saying that she is still out of the office. I waited extra months for the rcfe application back and she made irrelevant and general comments on my application that I wonder did she read my package and I have reason to believe that she didn’t read my application documents or she has confused with my application material with someone else. I wrote e-mail to Boatman to discuss with him. He preferred not to respond to me. I worked very hard to re-submit my new revised package. Ms. Munt wants everything, and everything not listed and published on the dept guideline as requirement for application. When I had a 3 way conference with Boatman, he kept saying that to follow the guideline published by the dept which is all wrong. What they want was not listed on the guideline. It is totally different from what is on the guideline. I seriously doubted if they have a double standard. What they said is the regulation and the law. I finished and send out the package meeting the deadline they set for me within 30 days. I spent days and nights working on the project. I mailed out my package and e-mail powerpoint to him. I followed up with a phone call on the Monday I mailed out my package to alert Boatman that I mailed out my revised curriculum and it was on time. They never send me any acknowledge that they have received my package or what is going with the review process. All you do just kept waiting and usually for months with no acknowledgement. It has been 6 months now that I haven’t heard back or even a letter of acknowledgement about they received my application and my package. Just like my administrator certificate in 2007. I sent in everything and check cashed but I never get any certificate in return. When I called to follow up, no one could tell me what happened and why I didn’t get a certificate. Even after the investigation and Mr. Boatman promised me the certificate was coming. After 3 months of waiting, I called him to follow up and he would forget everything he said and told me to send all document in again and launched a unnecessary and repeated investigation. That was why it took 2 years to straighten out this mess with a lot of time, money and energy waited on my part for the State Dept’s mishandling of documents and mistake. This is what happened to my residential care home from DSS certification and licensing unit and community care licensing’ act of retaliation. I returned the revised RCFE ICTP to DSS certification and licensing unit. F/U called to Mr. B on last Monday to make sure he knew I sent out revised package as required within 30 days. He said that he would talk to me on July 6, 2010 Tuesday. On Wednesday, June 30, 2010, licensing analyst, Ms. Audrey Jeung, came to “raid” my elderly resident care home. Just 7 days prior I would be talking to Mr. Boatman again, Community Care Licensing analyst came and did a complete search on residents’ and care givers personal belonging. Residents’ rights were violated. The Department of Social Services and Community Care Licensing failed to properly train their analysts in protecting elderly residents privacy, rights, quality life and respect and not to disturb them from peace and enjoyment in their own home. Of course, analyst had exceeded her limit and scope of responsibilities during the search,including acting like a cop and narcotic squat with a warrant from court, unable to come up with evident to incriminate residents in the search to charge the facility, didn’t explain and state purpose of the search to the alert and oriented elderly residents. Community Care Licensing work in collaboration with DSS certification and licensing dept in Sacramento to retaliate on facility owner and in abusing elder care home residents who resided in E. Hillsdale Rose Garden in San Mateo. Elderly resident were victimized in accomplishing Mr. B of Licensing unit for his own personal means. Please read Part 2 of the story to find out reaction from the elderly residents. Mr. B is Charles Boatman in Sacramento Ms. A Audrey Jeung Analyst in San Bruno Office Incompetence California State authority official retaliation involve in elder abuse of care home residents. On Wednesday, June 30, 2010, licensing analyst, Ms A, came to “raid” my elderly resident care home at around 3:00 pm per my care giver who was calling me for help. Later, Resident 1 and Resident 2 who were sitting in the living room asked to speak to me. They told me that someone who has no make up on (I think they meant untidy, disorganized look and in a nerve wrecking, impulsive manner) and hand gesture to described how she dress and look came to her room and opened all her drawers and count all the bed sheets and looked under the bed. My female resident was very fearful. She didn’t know what was going on. The intruding licensing analyst was acting like a narcotic squat. I asked my residents did that person knock on your door before entering your room, did she introduce herself, did she explain what she was doing and did she ask for your permission to search into your personal belonging? My resident said no, and then added that the person did ask to open her drawers. My resident didn’t want to be rude. She gave permission for that one. I told my resident that they have rights to refuse for the search in their personal belonging from intruders. Resident said that she was so afraid and it came rather unexpected in that June 30, 2010 afternoon. She used to enjoy her peace and quiet in her own room. That resident was angry at herself that she allowed stranger for searching through her personal belongings against her own true desire. All my care home residents are ambulatory and alert and oriented and very intelligent. Another male resident told me the same thing that his personal belonging in his room was searched and he said that analyst found a bottle of pills which the dialysis center gave to him. He was an end stage renal disease resident with vas cath on his chest for dialysis 3 times a week. He said that he didn’t know that he had to turn the bottle of pills into us. He had kept it with him for diarrhea and he had not told anyone about this bottle of medication. He felt very guilty that we got cited for his false. He was very apologetic to me. I don’t want to say more now because I have to deal with these people for fines she gave out to me $1000 for the first time, as Ms A cited on the paper, unjust damage to my residents post traumatic distress, emotionally. This is how retaliation can cost you. Resident 3 is a 90 years old man, very witty and alert, he kept asking, would they close my home down. I told my residents that they came here for me for retaliation. It had nothing to do with them. Resident 1 sighed with a relief and told me that she felt much better now after talking to me. The residents were so unhappy and disturb that they would like to petition a complaint for what happen to them on June 30, 2010 in their home. What is quality of life? What are resident rights and what is privacy and respect? We have to send these analysts to learn to do their job again. They are disturbing my resident’s peaceful life and treated like a criminal for not committing a crime. This happened in United States too. The country may be different but people who are in power are the same, an example of abuse of power and authority. I am just someone who wants to share my feeling whether you like to hear it or not. They were shaken. My care giver’s face was reddened and I afraid that she might stroke out. I wasn’t present so I couldn’t feel the heat they were describing to me. One more note on these, my direct care giver has her own private room and private bath. All my room and bath are private in the house but I took resident with SSI and veterans. Why did analyst also search into my direct care givers belonging? What was she doing in the care givers room? Was she insane or under some kind of influence? Was she doing something out of her scope of practice and responsibilities? I couldn’t understand this as of today. I am expecting more big trouble or back stabbing to come. This is the prize to pay for making a complaint. Analyst need to respect personal right as well as resident rights. She is not a cop and we are not criminal to be treated and insulted as one. If she want to search all over the house, she better bring a warrant from court. Community Care Licensing analyst didn’t have the right to search a civilian’s home without a warrant and all my residents has no prior criminal record and no evident to show that residents had broken the law or concealing illegal narcotic or firearm that desire elderly community care licensing analyst’s thorough search into their personal belonging. The analyst was actually abusing and harassing the elderly residents she supposes to protect. Even my elderly residents believed that analyst has exceeded her power to search without evident. My residents were harassed, insulted and intimidated. We have no fire arm and narcotic in the house. This is a job well done Mr. Boatman and your company, by putting the pieces together. Licensing has not been here as long as 2 years and showed up just 7 days prior to talking to Boatman again. Last time when I talked to Charles Boatman and Sandra Munt in the 3 ways conference call, they ask for if I have any citation in my facility more than one time individually, this is perfect timing which lead me to think that Mr. Boatman asked CCL analyst to purposely search into my resident’s and care givers personal belonging. I am not afraid of speaking up, and complaint even thought costly but I get to see some of the ugliness in people what America needed to change with the slogan to stop elder abuse. Community Care Licensing for the elderly is the abuser not the protector of the elderly. It is very questionable about their analysts’ competency training to do this very important job. My residents in house are traumatized and they felt very insecure in their own home. They felt devastated and insulted. They told me that this kind of raid never happen to them before in their life, but it happen here in the elderly resident care home. They didn’t feel protected. They couldn’t enjoy live in peace and relaxation. They lost self control and self esteem. They were made to feel like a criminal and slip deeper in depression and paranoia. My residents are not demented; they are very smart and couldn’t be fool. They voluntarily asked to petition for a complaint as their healing process, hopefully to regain their self control, individual right, respect and dignity again. At their tender age, they should not be mistreated as this is an elder abuse by the community care licensing and their abuse of power. To-morrow is Resident 1’s birthday, I promised to help her draft a complaint letter to heal her emotional wound, but I just didn’t know where to send for her. In the worse scenario, I will not be a vendor to teach the administrator classes. They have confiscated all my filing fee. Community Care Licensing could fine me as much as they want. I will close up my care home. 5 elderly will lose their home and care givers will lose her job. It is still worth to pursue justice because I still believe in justice. I have all my residents behind me for support. My residents are law abiding elderly who would not even step on the front lawn and prefer to walk around the grass patio, as resident 4, a war veteran. My residents wanted me to speak for them and help them to voice their concerns. My suggestion through these was that the State government should trim incompetent, non-performing, abusive rule enforcers from their payroll and has the government system check to make sure that no rule enforcers are abusing their trust from dependent and law abiding citizen and abuse their given power for their own means. Part 3 It is unlawful for analyst to abuse elderly care home residents. Small care home operator has to pay increased license fee way out of its proportion. If a less than 6 residents care home pay the license fee one day late, there will be a 200 dollars more mandatory late fee from the department of Community Care Licensing. I am very proud of what I did with my care home residents. I only have SSI and veteran with no family to care for them. I could see what big different it made to them after having a stable home. They taught me “It is happier to give than to receive gift from someone.” Licensing unreasonable “raid” to my care home and put a fine of $1000 dollars on my facility as retaliation. I would want this analyst and the conspirators behind the plot that I am an insignificant person with a heart to care for and help the elderly. I want to see them happy. We are mutual friends. Our board and care home don’t receive and funding from the government or any other source and one dollar of fine you charged me is a dollar you rob away from my residents. My care home residents are in these together. I talked to a California Health Care Facility Evaluator Supervisor, who has worked in her current position for more than 10 years. I asked her” Have you ever in the job search facility resident’s personal belonging?” She paused for a moment and replied” Once.” She explained to me that it was a case of missing personal belonging in a Skill Nursing Facility and the demented resident was hoarding up things. “Of course, I have to ask for the resident’s permission first before hand” she said. I told her what happen to my care home last Wednesday. She shook her head and said this is highly usual and it was definitely elder abuse. They have to be very careful with resident dignity, respect, privacy and rights. Even then, they never do blind search. There must be a relevent complaint, they have reason to believe that this resident had done it and they knew what they were looking for. It was not purely motivated by retaliation. Who were these analyst who came to search my residents personal belonging in our home? They don’t have warrant from court and right to search civilian home in their job description. Searching care home residents in their licensed residential care home was these Analysts’ every job or just my residents in my home. Charles Boatman said that he would called me Tuesday 7/6/10. He never did. This has been three day after 7/6/10 he didn’t call. He sent an analyst to raid my residents and our home just 7 days prior to 7/6/10. He thought that he had nailed me this time. He could close the case and close my care home. He told me once that this is his project which is to deal with me for himself and that group of California Social Service Department officials, whoever with e-mail suffix A When Foreclosure Threatens Elder-Care Homes Original source: B.w5?a=581648&f=19 New York Times By Laurie Udesky April 18, 2010 In September 2009, Sgt. Rick Turini of the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office drove to a house in San Jose to carry out a court-ordered eviction. With foreclosures in Bay Area counties near all-time highs, the office had been routinely evicting 35 to 40 households a week. But this property was different: It was a board-and-care home for the elderly. Neither the residents nor their families had been warned about an eviction, said Sergeant Turini, who does not recall the home’s exact address. When he arrived with his partner, the house was still occupied, and the distraught daughter of an elderly bedridden woman was struggling to get her mother into a car. A couple of teenagers doing homework in the living room looked up at the officers in shock. “We got a call from Adult Protective Services letting us know that the house we were evicting had four or five bedridden residents, and the guy was ignoring the eviction notice,” Sergeant Turini said, referring to the owner. “I couldn’t believe it had gone this far.” He said the sheriff’s department worked with agencies to arrange for the fragile inhabitants to be transferred to other facilities or sent home with relatives. “Here at the sheriff’s office we’re not going to put a person who can’t take care of themselves out on the street,” the sergeant said. Because of a loophole in the law, owners of residential-care facilities for the elderly – who often double as administrators – do not have to tell their residents or the residents’ families if they miss mortgage payments or are on the brink of foreclosure. An analysis of data by The New York Times shows that more than 100 elder-care homes in the Bay Area were under foreclosure in the last six months, and that as many as 700 residents – who often need help with bathing, eating and other daily activities – may have faced eviction. At the time they are licensed by the California Department of Social Services, owners of the homes are required to show enough financial wherewithal only to cover three months of operating costs. Unless complaints are made to the agency, current law requires that these homes be visited only every five years. “Who is minding the shop?” asked Anthony Chicotel, a staff lawyer with the California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform, which is cosponsoring legislation to increase protections for elderly residents in these homes. “The law doesn’t really say. There’s no obligation for them to do anything if they fall into financial distress.” This means residents, their family members and even the staff providing care may not find out about a property’s financial troubles until they see an eviction notice or a sheriff at the door. Armed police officers could forcibly remove residents from their homes “without any notice, without preparation, without any arrangements for an alternative residence,” Mr. Chicotel said. “Not only are they losing their home, but they are losing the services that allow them to live.” Tippy Irwin, executive director of the Ombudsman Services of San Mateo, said this trend of ousting elderly residents without warning was “unprecedented.” Her office has handled eight foreclosures of elder-care homes in the last two years, and few owners gave warning to residents or their families. Ms. Irwin said her staff had to scramble to find new places for the residents. “In one residence, we got wind that the sheriff had issued a three-day notice to move people in the house, and that was a Friday,” she said. “We had to move them all in one day. It’s not the way it should happen.” “Every one of these owners has been in denial,” Ms. Irwin continued. “They themselves are going through hell. They’re losing their homes and their businesses. Not one of them has acknowledged what’s happening.” Brenda Wing experienced this denial first-hand in February when she went to visit her 84-year-old father in the Northstar Manor care home in Woodland. When she arrived, Ms. Wing said, there were three papers stapled to the door that said the house was going to be sold at auction. She called Stephanie Khan, the administrator, and was told that it was a misunderstanding, that the owners were refinancing. Then, on April 7, the sheriff served an eviction notice, Ms. Wing said. She called again, and Ms. Khan again said it was a misunderstanding. Then, Ms. Wing said, the conversation turned ugly. “She was really angry and said, ‘You’re asking me about personal finances!’ ” Ms. Wing said. “I said, ‘No, I’m asking you if my dad is going to be put out on the street!’ It was such a hideous conversation that I had to hang up.” Ms. Khan confirmed the conversation and the posting of the eviction notice, but said that a loan modification was being negotiated and that the bank had lost the paperwork. “I wouldn’t tell her about my mom’s financial business unless it affects the residents,” Ms. Khan said, “and the loan modification attorney said that it won’t affect the residents.” She refused to identify the loan modification lawyer, but said that if she and her mother had been told to evacuate the premises, she would have told the residents and their families. “I would tell them to find alternative housing and give them enough time,” Ms. Khan said. Records from DataQuick, a firm that tracks 83 million properties in the United States, show that Northstar Manor was foreclosed on and is now owned by Wells Fargo Bank. Kevin Waetke, a Wells Fargo Home Mortgage spokesman, confirmed the bank’s ownership, but said that as soon as the bank learned it was a care facility with elderly residents, it delayed the eviction. “We are working closely with the families and have assured them that we will provide all the time they need to relocate the residents in appropriate housing, however long it takes,” Mr. Waetke said. Alexandra Morris, a gerontologist working with the Alzheimer’s Association of Northern California, said that many occupants of these homes had dementia, and that an abrupt change could cause severe anxiety and decline known as transfer trauma. “People with dementia focus on familiar people, and familiar aspects of an environment,” Ms. Morris said. “That’s their anchor, and they can quite literally feel adrift when they have to move.” Agencies that oversee these residential-care facilities for the elderly – which typically house up to six patients – have no reliable data on which homes are threatened with foreclosure or have closed because of it. But a New York Times analysis of licensing and foreclosure data indicated that about 16 percent of the 1,600 Bay Area properties licensed as small residential-care homes has been in some stage of foreclosure since June 2006. According to RealtyTrac, a company that compiles foreclosure records, that includes more than 100 homes under foreclosure in the last six months. It is impossible to tell from the data how many of these were operating as residential-care homes during the foreclosure proceedings or thereafter. But those properties housed as many as 700 elderly residents. Thelma Tan’s elder-care home, April Garden, in Saratoga, was among the properties in foreclosure on a list RealtyTrac updated April 4. Ms. Tan said she worked out a deal with her lender on April 5 and defended her decision to keep staff and residents in the dark. “There’s no need to alarm the families,” she said. “Of course, if something drastic was going to happen, we’re required to give them notice.” Community Residential Care Association of California Charles Skoien, Jr., director of the Community Residential Care Association of California, said he was unaware of the spate of foreclosures and evictions in elder-care facilities. He said the licensing agency should be in those facilities long before “something like that is going down.” Asked about legislation that would tighten requirements, Mr. Skoien said: “I think we have adequate regulations now. I don’t think we need more.” State Senator Mark Leno, Democrat of San Francisco, has introduced legislation that would make it less likely that the elderly residents in these care facilities would have no warning of a pending foreclosure. It would require people licensed to run such facilities to notify the licensing division of the Department of Social Services and the residents or their legal representative within 24 hours of notification of foreclosure, bankruptcy, missing a mortgage payment or the prospect of a utility cutoff. The bill would also fine owners who failed to do so $100 a day, and permanently disqualify them from operating elder-care homes in California. A vote on the measure is not expected before June. Ms. Irwin, the San Mateo ombudsman, hopes it will pass. “We’ve had a terrible time in this county, and we kicked up a storm,” she said. “We need these protections in the law.” Find Charles Boatman in the following activities. He was the one approved and gave the CE unit Day 1 – June 17, 2010 – Topics Dealing with Problem Employee Substance Abuse in the Workplace Medical Marijuana Legal Issues Legal Pitfalls & Practical Suggestions California Labor Laws Review Peter Flanderka, Attorney Long-Term Care Update Medi-Cal Waiver Programs Update Expansion of Assisted Living Waiver Pilot Project Mark Mimnaugh, Acting Chief, Monitoring & Oversight Section California Department of Health Care Services Update on Olmstead Act Implementation Progress of Olmstead Advisory Committee Ruth Gay, Director, Public Policy and Advocacy Alzheimer’s Association Member, Olmstead Advisory Committee Day 2 – June 18, 2010- Topics 2010 Legislation Update 2010 CCL Implementation Plans-RCFE/ARF/GH Joan Regeleski, CRCAC Consultant Worker’s Compensation Insurance Update & Claims Procedures Gail Drzesiecki, Assistant Claims Manager Jan Smith, Claims Liaison State Compensation Insurance Fund California Community Care Licensing Mission & Updates For RCFEs, ARFs, and Group Homes Gary Levenson-Palmer, Chief, Technical Assistance & Policy Branch Dorette Pierce, Chief, Caregiver Background Check Bureau Cathy Claiborne, Manager, Caregiver Background Check Bureau Charles Boatman , Manager, Administrator Certification Section Mary Jolls, Senior Care Program California Department of Social Services Community Care Licensing Division RCFE Course Approval: Applied for 16 Hours (8 Hours Each Day) ARF Course Approval: Applied for 16 Hours (8 Hours Each Day) Group Home Course Approval: Applied for 16 Hours (8 Hours Each Day) NHAP Approval: Applied for 16 Hours (8 Hours Each Day) Provider Approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider Number 10821, for 16 Hours. Hotel Reservations: Atlantis Resort Hotel (800) 723-6500 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (800) 723-6500 end_of_the_skype_highlighting Room Rates: Nights of June 16 & 17 = $59.00 Single/Double Night of June 18 = $119.00 Single/Double All reservations are subject to local occupancy tax along with $10.00 resort fee + tax per night. Identify yourself as attending the “Community Residential Care Association of California Conference” Hotel rooms blocked until 5 PM on Monday, May 24, 2010. Reservations received after 5 PM on or after Monday, May 24, 2010 will be booked upon space availability and prevailing rack rate. Hotel Check-In Time: 3:00 PM Conference Registration: Early Bird Discount CRCAC Members On or Before May 17, 2010 = $185.00 Non-Members On or Before May 17, 2010 = $220.00 CRCAC Members After May 17, 2010 = $215.00 Non-Members After May 17, 2010 = $270.00 For a registration form, please contact the CRCAC office at or call us at (916) 455-0723 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (916) 455-0723 end_of_the_skype_highlighting. 6. Boatman was giving CEU that approved by himself and participants were charge for a fee to attend. This is conflict of interest and Gary Palmer was also top on the list as presenter. Audrey Jeung in community care licensing prohibited me to teach my caregiver for first aid when American Red Cross approved me and American Red Cross didn’t state any restriction on whom I could teach. Jeung called it a conflict of interest. Who made the rules? How come Boatman can get away with issues with out getting questioned, but the care home operator would be punished by fine. I and my friends are getting out of this residential care home business due to reason from my previous articles. To name a few, like government agency incompetency, retaliation, suppression and intimidation. Some residential care homes were doing a hard job to take care of our elderly population and government received financial gain from us. I have to paid to keep these elderly to stay in my home because I couldn’t stand to admit business failure. I want my dream of caring people to carry on, at least for a while. I will close the door and have peace of mind and I should take no more threat from the government. In California, Residential care home are private entities. We got no government funding like Medical and Medicare. We are doing everything to meet the licensing demand but what have they done to help us, except the ever increasing penalty and fee. As in my case, it is an intentional retaliation. Special project

7. Like a Ghost in the Haunted house, Audrey Jeung made her appearance again and asked for more money from me on Last Thursday. On Friday, I told her, I would deliever the 1000 dollar to her office on Friday or this coming Monday. I was out to a survey with my team and by car pool. I would not be anywhere around San Bruno. She want more penalty money for me not signing the forms she left to me to complete and I faxed back to her. She never give instruction on what to do with the form. I filled them out and faxed back and Jeung wanted me to sign on it. I haven’t heard back from her since that Jeung wanted my signature until last Thursday she showed up and demand more penalty money. There was no communication between me and her on what she wanted me to do with the signature or what she wanted from me. I will give her money as she demanded. Audrey Jeung again harassed and threatened my caregiver and residents in house who felt nausated with her un-professional conduct that Jeung will come back again and again until we pay her the money. Jeung was acting like a debt collectors. I have been thinking and thinking should I pay? I was not at false and I was not given a chance to defense myself. I believed that it was from retaliation and intentionally targeted again and again from my previous account with the department. I have to decide whether I wanted to continue with this. The Community Care Licensing Department threatened me with small claim lawsuit and I have been getting letter to ask me to pay, or by wage reduction and civil penalty with interest. I talked to resident Betty last week. Betty told me that she hope that I am not selling the property due to licensing harassment because this home is their home. So, I went home and thought if I can just pay them the money to settle this if this is the sole purpose for giving us the agony and I can continue to operate because it would take a lot of effort and time to relocation the residents and have them adjust to a new living environment. I have already drained by this failing business over the years and on top of all this harassment. It was easy for me to say I had enough and close down the whole facility. Should I live under this licensing nightmare and abuse of their power and conspiracy and retaliation and corruption? I have never heard back from Charles Boatman, he never called me since June 6, 10, but he has already responded to me with his department action. My care home was fined raided by LPA Jeung, violating the patient’s right and emotional abuse. The residents were anguish about the facility was going to be closed down by the licensing devils. They are going to loose their housemates for 6 years and a place they call home for the last 6 years. 8. My care home care giver was called by CCL LPA Audrey Jeung from San Bruno Community Care Licensing. She want to see me in her office either on 11/17 or 11/19. Last time she come to my care home, she gave me a fine of 5700. This time she want a over 10000 dollar fine or put me in jail for taking care of the elderly she abused. Audrey Jeung, I am a Health Facility Evaluator and a retired nurse. I can teach you elder abuse. 9. In my conversation with several local long term care facility regional director from a cooperation, their clients got sicker and more acute. Their current long term care residents would be placed in assistive living setting. Do you know that certified nursing assistant in long term care facility can only do activities of daily living and no medication? In Assistive living, there is uncertifed and minimally trained aide who pass med to the residents from their centrally stored medication storage and call that medication assistant. As a care home operator for longer than 4 years, if the elderly in assistive living are getting older and sicker and used more medication, for patient safety reason, this analyst job from the department of social service should fall under California Department of Public Health. Please google in “charles boatman ccl” and click click more articles from this author to see what this Licensing analyst from community care licensing doing to care home. These analysts as I have experienced with my care home are not properly trained and as evident by their inspection and specially in their last retaliative appearance. The analyst would routinely spend time counting all the residents’ pills in the facility. As a Health Care Facility Evaluator Nurse for the State of California myself, it is not important on the number of pills left in the bottle, it is more important on how the aides pass their centrally stored medication. It is more important that the medication aide and caregivers have given to the residents the right medication to the right residents, right time, right dose, right route, right frequency, right documentation and right purpose. What is counting of the pill justified? It is more important on how they pass the pills. It is not the Analyst’s job to count the sheets on bed. It is not a analyst’s job to look under every bed for rodents. It is not necessary to search all resident’s personal belongings for what? illegal drugs or firearms? These analysts have abuse their power to search care home without a warrant in my place of business. Analyst abuse care home resident that they suppose to protect. California Department of social service has shown deficiencies in traineing their analysts by violating the patient rights, dignity and respects. We do resident abuse investigation, quality of care and quality of life and more. Analysts from Department of social service abd Community Care licensing harassed my residents and intimidate them by blindly searching residents’ personal belongings and care givers personal belonging and pray to find something that they have accused the licensee for. If the licensee was being target for their search as an act of conspiracy and retailation for fine and accusation from the department of social service. Please come search the licensee’s home, not my elderly residents. As a HFEN we never do what they did to the care homes. I want analyst Audrey Jeung from San Bruno office know that we have patient’s right in self administration of medication. My residents are alert and oriented x4 and they have MD certified that they can self administer med. They knew that this is their right. Licensing fine me for not knowing the residents’ rights. This analysts don’t monitor side effects of medication and why these analysts come to mess around with residents’ medication every time they come to the resident home to count all the residents pills and disturb their living. These analysts are not nurses and they are not pharmacist, so what is Counting the number of pills in the bottle mean in their job. DSS CCL analyst practice outside their job responsibility. Analyst Audrey Jeung’s routine work day was to go around the care home and count all the pills and count the layer of each bed sheets, look under each bed and search each residents and care givers drawers and my care giver locked her room and her lock in her entrance door was forcefully broken and we have to fix it after Audrey Jeung left and no one single apologies but a fine on everyday and she gave my care giver a fine of 5700 dollars last time. I have never gotten 5700 dollars of rent from my residents per month. What do these analysts know about hand washing between counting and cross contamination, moisture from her hands do to the pills. Need not to say, we treatment by the department of social service and community care licensing was a conspiracy of retaliation. I have complaint but no one care, no one responded. 10.I have just received one e-mail from Mr. Boatman. He said that I will be getting his denial letter in the next several days. In his 2 sentences short e-mail. He started with ” As you have requested.” which was wrongfully stated. I never requested of him anything and even if I have requested anything at all. He had not responded to me all those months. He was responding to Gary Palmers’ request, the division chief. Gary Palmer was the first on the list to present on June 16, 2010 in Reno Nevada along with Charles Boatman ACS manager for California Elderly Residential Care Home Association whom had charged attendee in that conference for more than 200 dollars a seat. We shall not assume the letter will get to me until it actually in my hands. As of now, I have not gotten any denial letter from him. Gary Palmer said that “within the next two weeks I will get a response from Charles Boatman on Oct 25,2010 until now. Charles Boatman’s 2 sentences long e-mail and mistakenly stated from the begining that ” As you have requested”. Here, was Charles Boatman doing something with exception that is to respond to applicants? What is the policy and procedures in State of California to their applicants? What is his office standard of practice to program applicant? No notification, no acknowledgement on receiving of application. Fee and money got cash right away but never heard anything back on what was being done for years and if you asked them to follow up when you ran out of patient. The staffs and manager would even forget what they suppose to do as dual diligent duty to us the applicants and tax payers. I have waited a year with no respond and I e-mail Charles Boatman with no response. Division chief, Gary Palmer said within 2 week became a month, still it was only a 2 sentences e-mail stating that I will get a denial letter from him in the next several days. I will go to Sacramento for my own training. I would be here to get his letter next week. I wouldn’t be too optimistic to get that letter until the letter is in my hand or it didn’t happen. I mailed out 70 curriculum and on top of that 3 initial program curriculum. His response would just a denial letter. What did he do with my thousands of pages of curriculum in narrative, chart and the required format? Did he actually read them was actually my questions. He didn’t read them last time or did he still have them. He mailed me a letter and thought that it was over and dumped them to the trash. I wanted to know what he did with my hard work from days and nights gathering data, resources, typing and presenting in the format that the guideline require. He told his division chief that he was short of staffs. He was actually a speaker to Lobbyists with his State title listed on the advertisement. When I requested, no response from him. He stated in his e-mail ” As you have requested” Wrong, It was Charles Boatman’s boss requested him to respond. I didn’t ask his division chief to do that neither. Should Charles Boatman responded to his applicant as business practice, as a state officials. As you have requested, we are sending out the denial letters. You should get them in the next few days. Charles Boatman, Manager Administrator Certification Section 1700 9th St., Suite 200, MS. 19-47 Sacramento, Ca 95814 Direct line: 916-324-4318 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 916-324-4318 end_of_the_skype_highlighting Fax: 916-324-3982 This is a repeat of 2006 when I applied for the first time. My nightmare started with Charles Boatman and in turn sued by the State dept as an applicant. Charles Boatman’s Office has been moved. His phone number has changed. It is now 916-654-5859 I went to the post office to get Charles Boatman’s registered letter of denial. It was not a for me. I was someone else denial letter to Fresno who applied to be an administrator but got their denial because the applicant failed the fingerprinting background check. His office made a serious confidentiality breach. What is the purpose of sending the letter in registered mail. I talked to him he told me that he would resend my denial letter. I have too many of this incompetent, and unpleasant encounter with them. During our phone conference, Shetka or Boatman disconnected the phone suddenly for their 2 ways discussion. I attempted to call back but only get a message from Shetka saying that he is no longer with the dept . If anyone had any questions call new chief Bob Hane. Shetka failed to disclose to me that he no longer work and represent the dept. Therefore, whatever he said in our phone conference is not valid and couldn’t be held accountable for. Of course, Shetka wouldn’t have to do anything because he is no longer with the dept. He wanted to hang up and said that he couldn’t talk to me anymore and he will give this to the administrative law judge. For him, not an employee in the dept, he didn’t have to do anything, like submit this case to the administrative law judge. He was not seriously prepared to talk to me. He told me that my application was not complete, I missed the nine elements. I asked him – Do you have my application and paper right in front of you?- He said – no- I asked him- Have you seem and gone over my paper work and have you looked at my powerpoint? -He said that – I don’t have to do it.- Then, the nine elements he talked about were what Charles Boatman told him. I told him that it was there but he didn’t have my application and document in front of him now and he had never looked at my application. The last conference phone call I had with Sandra Munt and Charles Boatman. Charles Boatman hadn’t looked at my application and document. He told me what Sandra Munt told him. He was there using his authority to support his worker blindly. The nine elements were therein 2006, 2009 and 2010. My curriculum was developed and expanded from the nine topics, he called the nine elements. All 9 of them were addressed in the powerpoint instruction material. I will scan and show you the 9 elements. I knew this curriculum more than anyone in his dept. Tom Shetka said that I don’t have experience in GH and ARF. I told him did you get my e-mail CV of speakers who have experience in all RCFE, GH and ARF. I know now why he didn’t know because he had not been reading his e-mail or mail because he was ready to leave his job. Tom Shetka and Charles Boatman abruptly disconnected the phone for their 2 ways discussion and called me back in about 10 minutes. Tom offered to give me refund on GH and ARF and he would give RCFE to another analyst because Sandra Munt no longer work for the dept. I said no. I told him, if I said yes, I would be barred from reapply again as long as Boatman will be in office or due to conspiracy. It was not the money that they have already cashed and collected 12 months ago. I applied in Dec 2009 again after my failed attempt in 2006. That led to me being sued by the state and they held my administrator status for as long as 2 years and my residential care home was raided by analyst from San Bruno, all those people with e-mail by retaliation and conspiracy. I have everything to lose if I don’t peruse this to the end because I have not given up what I wanted to do starting in 2006. It was much harder to put all the curriculum together edit them and type them in different format and develop the instructional material and break down the class activity by every hour. It is much harder and the curriculum was done by accumulation of many sleepless hours, weekdays and weekends. I have 3 ICTP for GH, ARF and RCFE and I have submitted 70 curriculums in CETP in GH, ARF, and RCFE. I have color coded them for their reading. It was never addressed and I am seriously concerned of their whereabout, if these were not reviewed. My work was well done and complete. I am willing to make revision as needed, but this meeting is not about that. Tom Shetka and Charles Boatman couldn’t do what I have done. From our last phone conference with Sandra Munt and Charles Boatman, Charles Boatman didn’t even know what a lesson plan is. They don’t know and they couldn’t tell me what the nine elements are. They just repeat what was written on the denial letter. I told them that there was no indication to me that their dept staff has read my application and made appropriate and relevant comments. I have submitted my application and material on Dec 2009. I have never got a letter of acknowledgement that the dept had received my material. Was this their standard practice and I have never seem them again, and nothing got returned. I wonder if they still have them. All I asked was to show me if you have read them by giving me relevant comments. They told me that it was not there and I told them it was always there since day 1. They scheduled today’s phone conference. I have my computer setup and all my submission and documents in front of me and they have none. I do understand why they said they could not talk to me anymore. I could show to them if they have an actual copy in front of them. We could discuss specific because there was no specific on their letter and I told them that their letter was not address to my program and curriculum. The dept has made a lot of serious mistake in the past, I have no doubt and they will repeat them again as long as the people who made the mistake were still there and being defensive. They have never attended their approved program but I have. I have not been in a class with powerpoint. All it was highlight what the instructor read out and highlight everything she believed that it would be on the exam. Mr. Elner (new vendor application analyst), Please review. I worked very hard on this and would hear back from you soon. We need to move on. According to the guideline of vendor manual, a simple outline is exemplified. I don’t know how extensive you want this to be. I wish Mr. Tom Shetka has a happy retirement now. He was requesting and hosting a conference with me to discuss about resolution of my complaint. I called him that day on 11:30 am but his wasn’t there. I only got his unchanged message. During the conference at 12:00pm with Charles Boatman and Tom Shetka, He forcefully with the tone of authority that -where is your nine elements- It was there since 2006, the first time I submitted the application. I asked him did he had my application in front of him now. He said -no-. I asked him – Have you look at my application before. He said -no, I don’t have to- I wanted to guide him and showed him where it is. What kind of resolution meeting was this. It was a unilateral heresay meeting well plan on the day that he left and after he put on his departed message. I was accidentally disconnected without prior explanation. Tom Shetka did that in purpose because he wanted to put me out of their conversation and discussion. He wanted to talk with Charles Boatman privately by taking me out. I immediately called his phone number back, the same number I dialed at 11:30 but his greeting message has changed, the new one was on. He said that he was not a dept chief anymore that we should call Mr. Hanes at a different number. Of course, we get re-connected, he was not legally representing the dept to negotiate with me because he no longer worked for the dept. After we got reconnect, they (Charles Boatman and Tom Shetka decided to offer me refund of my application fee. I refused because, if I took this offer, the fee back, I would never be able to reapply again. The fee I paid over years, but never heard back from the dept. I may be poor but I want my application read and to be read fairly. Tom Shetka got angry because of my refusal and he threatened me that it will have it resolved in a judge, an administrative meeting. I haven’t heard from anyone of them for a long time. I haven’t received any things from the administrative law judge. I afraid that my case would become a cold cases for years. Even every time we talk, the dept would select a time and date for phone conference which took months. I have to let you know that I am recording contact everytime with the dept. I called Charles Boatman who had been staying away from talking to me. I told him that I am expecting an ALJ review which I have not heard from. He then arranged for another phone conference again and we will try to do without a judge. This all started in 2006 and I remember the evening Tom Shekta called me at home and said that he wanted to be paid for late fee. My Administrator status was on hold for becoming a vendor applicants, I needed to have an administrator to run my business. I was not late it was the dept who had not remove the administrative hold status and I did everything right to renew, they got my fee and cashed. I kept calling, no one knows what had happened and I sent my documentation more than twice for repeated investigation because Boatman forgot what he said he would do or he had to consult a second state attorney. I did not get my administrator status renew after 2 years after their scrutiny and not a sorry. Whatever happened with the dept had a very deep impact on me. I want to let everyone know what happen and this become my life time struggle. Read my previous article on them and put in website I built for more information and slide shows The timing was just right for Community Care Licensing Audrey Jeung to come again. 6/30/10 which was 7 days before I will talk to Boatman, Audrey Jeung came to raid my care home. This time Jeung from CCL came on 3/11/11 which is 7-10 days talking to boatman again, he kept deferring until today, she delivered $22460 dollars of fine and continue with $150/day. Prior to that 6/30/10, I have no problem with the licensing and no fine and they haven’t show up for 2 years. Subsequently, CCL came every week. I have good comment from ombudsman. My residents were not endangered, there was certainly no urgency except this fine were build on retaliation. What can you do if you cannot within your ability to change something like what I wanted to do? Would you just accept it as it is? Wouldn’t you. I have wasted a lot of energy and time on this. I fail again to deal with these evil people in DSS CCL. Who cares? I am sure they would be celebrating tonight for shutting me up and shutting me out.

This is my timeline of event I have 2 inspections by Audrey Jeung from Community Care Licensing wi

Hasten Luxury Beds In Hotels Worldwide

The Hastens Luxury Bed is a sign of prestige and self-indulgence wherever it is found. Hastens Beds are the selected beds of the Swedish Royal Family, and are made in Sweden. Every luxury mattress is hand-sewn of all non-synthetic cotton, wool, flax, horsehair with boxes of naturally grown Swedish Pine.

Horsehair is felt to be the proprietary ingredient in the all natural mattress. The horse hair gives springiness, and is resistant to dust mites. Horsehair also carries away water vapor without synthetic fibers. There is no PU foam which exudes gases poisonous to many people. Every coil is made of Swedish steel, and is individually hand encased in a pocket. Coils are not connected, thus giving the most hold for each part of the body.

Hast is Swedish for horse, and the crest give witness to the manufacturer`s 1852 origins as a saddle making company. Saddles were cushioned with horse hair, and back then it was understood that horse hair stuffing made the best beds. Before long Hastens was manufacturing a some special order all natural mattresses. These standards are more valued in the present decade, and Hastens is the first mattress maker to receive the Swan Environmental Award.

Customers who swear by Hastens luxury mattresses are often those with sciatica. Around the globe, pleased users attest to receiving a full eight hours sleep on Hastens Beds if all separate brands have failed to provide them nightly comfort.

Hastens sell for between $3000 and $54,000 US dollars, clearly putting them in a class by themselves. Prestige seekers are happy to tell that they spent a night on one at a hotel, which of course will also be high-class. People who may be seriously considering ordering a Hastens Bed might desire to rest on one for several evenings prior to deciding on such a expensive buy.

Hastens offers a 25-year warranty on their beds. This makes them attractive to inns who must continually buy new beds which is subject to every day use which often approaches improper use.

Inns in urban areas across the globe have rooms with Hastens Luxury Beds. Austria, Salzburg, Hotel Salzburg
Belgium, Antwerpen, Qbic Hotel Antwerpen
Belgium, Haasrode, Hotel De Rode Haas
Czech Republic, Prague, ICON Boutique Hotel
Denmark, Bornholm, Melsted Badehotel
Denmark, Esbjerg, Hotel Hjerting
Denmark, Skagen, Hotel Plesner
Denmark, Vejle, Comwell Kellers Park
Denmark, Aarhus, Best Western Hotel Oasia
Finland, Kuopio, Sokos Hotel Puijonsarvi
Italy, Albergo, Ville di Corsano (SI)
Italy, Albergo, Residenza Villa Giuncheto
Netherlands, Amsterdam, Qbic Hotel Amsterdam
Netherlands, De Koog, Hotel Greenside
Netherlands, Haarlem, Hotel Stempels
Netherlands, Lattrop, Hotellerie De Holtweijde
Netherlands, Maastricht, La Bergre Hotel
Netherlands, Mechelen, Hotel Hoeve de Plei
Netherlands, Vlieland, Badhotel Bruin
Norway, Alta, Park Hotell Alta
Poland, Krynica Zdroj, Hotel SPA Dr Irena Eris Krynica Zdroj
Poland, Wzgorza Dylewskle, Hotel SPA Dr Irena Erls Wzgorza Dylewskle
Spain, Barcelona, Hotel Ibai
Spain, Marbella, Marbella Club Hotel
Sweden, Gotland, Furillen
Sweden, Goteborg, Clarion Collection Hotel Odin
Sweden, Karmansbo, Karmansbo Herrgard
Sweden, Mariefred, Gripsholms vardshus
Sweden, Riksgransen, Hotell Riksgransen
Sweden, Stockholm, Best Western Premier Foresta Hotel
Sweden, Stockholm, Kallfors Hotell
Sweden, Tallberg, Akerblads Hotell & Gastgiveri
Sweden, Varberg, Varbergs Kurort & Spa
Sweden, Are, Hotell Fjallgarden
Switzerland, Zurich, Hotel Kindli
United Kingdom, London, Blakes Hotel
United States, Chicago, Illinois, The Peninsula Chicago
United States, Los Angeles, California, Hotel Bel Air
United States, Phoenix, Arizona, Biltmore Resort & Spa
United States, Seattle, Washington, Hotel Andra

What You’ll Find at the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino

The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Built in an elaborate style, the Venetian is a luxurious resort in a prime location on the Strip, with numerous amenities, plush accommodations, 4,000 suites, and an elegant casino.

There are over 19 restaurants on the premises for fine or casual dining, 80 boutiques and shops in an indoor street environment, a full-service salon, and a fitness center at the Venetian. Fabulous entertainment such as the Blue Man Group and thrilling gondola rides on the Grand Canal attract thousands of visitors to this top of the line Resort each year. The Venetian has four bars and lounges for exciting nightlife including the Tao Nightclub, the V Bar, and La Scena. In addition, guests can spend time at the Guggenheim Hermitage Museum or viewing Madame Tussaud’s collection of celebrity wax figures.

The 112,000 square foot Doge’s Palace Casino, with marble floors and hand-painted fresco ceilings, offers a world of unsurpassed gambling from a wide variety of table games to hundreds of mega-jackpot slots and sports book betting.

The Venetian Poker Room, a gaming venue of approximately 11,000 square feet and 39 tables, features the popular poker games of Texas Hold’em, Stud, 357 poker, Caribbean Stud, Let It Ride, and Omaha. Separate high stakes areas are also available, with seven tables, two lounges, butler service, and gourmet cuisine. There are progressive slot machines, high roller slots areas, video poker, million dollar jackpots, and expensive prizes. For avid slot players, there is the Gold Club Lounge, equipped with televisions, telephones, food and beverage service, and private bathrooms. The Venetian has an extensive selection of over 139 table games including pai gow poker and tiles, baccarat, craps, blackjack, Spanish 21, and roulette. Big screen monitors in the race and sporting events lounge provide gamblers with a complete range of pari-mutuel, sport book, and futures betting on major sport events including football, basketball, boxing, and hockey.

The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino also offers a Player’s Club, where your free membership earns rewards in the form of complimentary suites and dining, cash back, sweepstakes, and promotions. Venetian or Grazie points add up quickly for each dollar you spend in the Casino. These points can be redeemed for merchandise such as jewelry, luggage, and crystal, in addition to tickets for special events, concerts, and trips. Blackjack, poker, and slot tournaments are held year round. If you’re planning a trip to Vegas, be sure to consider the Venetian for the ultimate vacation.

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Atlantic City Casino Resort

New Jersey, also known as the Garden State, is located on the east coast of the United States of America. Its capital is located in Trenton. It is the fourth smallest and most densely populated state. Named after the Island of Jersey in the English Channel, it was settled by the Dutch in the early 1600s. New Jersey’s per capita income is the highest in the nation. Nine of its counties are in the wealthiest 100 in the country. New Jersey’s main agricultural products are horses, vegetables, fruit and nuts and is particular known for its cranberries and blueberries. Hammonton, in the southern part of the state is considered the blueberry capital of the world.

Tourism is a major part of New Jersey’s economy, with New Jersey Casinos making up the lion’s share of the tourism dollar. Atlantic City is famous the world over for excellent casino gambling. The east coast’s answer to Vegas and Reno, Atlantic City has a rich history. The Boardwalk in Atlantic City is world famous and is a source of nostalgia for millions. Atlantic City is home to at least 13 major casinos including the luxurious Borgata; home to the World Series of Poker and several Trump establishments.

Trumps Marina Hotel & Casino starts the list out of New Jersey Casinos. With it’s on site marina and regular shows, this is one of the showcases of New Jersey casinos. Complimenting the Marina Hotel and Casino are the Trump Plaza and Hotel Casino and the Trump Taj Mahal casino Resort. The Taj Mahal is a truly amazing site and the gem in the Trump Atlantic City casino empire.

The Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa is considered one of the finest casinos in the world and a world-class destination for gambling and entertainment. Caesars Atlantic City is one of the highlights of New Jersey Casino gambling and entertainment and has been a cornerstone in the state for many years. Along with Harrah’s Casino Hotel, the Sands Hotel and Casino and the Tropicana Casino and resort, Caesars represents the old guard in casino opulence.

Rounding out the gambling and entertainment opportunities in New Jersey Casinos are the Showboat Casino, Atlantic City Hilton Casino, Bally`s Atlantic City Casino/ Hotel, Claridge at Bally`s Atlantic City Casino/Hotel and the Resorts Casino Hotel. With so many exciting, world-class casinos to choose from, New Jersey casinos stand alongside the major gambling and entertainment destinations of the world.